We want to Congratulate Dallas Martin/ Athabasca and her Family on the beautiful addition to their Family, the information below is what she  forwarded to me, and it is to wonderful of a story to rewrite. 

Dallas's Daughter Storm

On June 12, my husband and I were thrilled to become parents of Storm. Storm, 3, is the birth sibling of my adopted son Conor, 4, whom we adopted when he was just 4 months old. Storm has been visiting our home occasionally for the last year and was a great fit to our family. We received a phone call from social services and was asked to come to a family meeting put on by social services to find safe homes for the kids in her family. We were chosen to become permanent guardians of Storm and were able to bring her home that night.

She is a great addition to our family! Her and her brother are getting along great! I now feel my family is complete. We are looking forward to going on our family trip to California at the end of July!