Congratulations and Thank You

We are honoured to Announce the recipients of the Peer Nomination Awards for November.

Thank you to Everyone for Everything you do Everyday!!

Toshiyuki Sugiyama; Erin Iker; Adam Wiebe;  Christine Willner; Miranda Dezan; Keri-Lynn Banfield; Paeden Schueler; Ashley Batchelor; Bobbi-Jo Dickinson; Caitlyn Delwel; Sherman Fielding; Robert Malchow; Bryce Williams; Alexander Robb; David Tameling; Dion Tarkowski; True Masur; Faith Schueler; Elsie Yohemas; Paul Kennedy; Silken Pedersen; Mark Smiley

Please note:  We have other recipients that did not give us permission to post their names.

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