I am sharing a funny story that was sent to me, it made me laugh.  It is even funnier when it happens to someone else.


Good morning Faith… I Have been meaning to send this to you for the website… or newsletter.  I am not sure if anyone will find it nearly as funny as I did….


A couple months ago Erin Iker & I arrived here early, so we could grab a company vehicle and head to Barrhead.  I came inside to pick up my paperwork while Erin headed to the back to get the truck….. Erin was to pick me up at the door… I waited a bit & she wasn’t coming so I walked down to the compound gate and there she was… locked in… lol…..she had sent me this text… but I hadn’t heard my phone…


Anyway…we had a good laugh  J



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Terrys text from Erin

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